About Custom EA700XL Pro Drone:

The XL Pro version of our modular drone has flight time of over 40 minutes fully loaded with a professional camera on a gimbal. With a light sports camera like GoPro or with Easy Aerial thermal/RGB camera (EAF) it can stay in the air for over 55 minutes!!

Modular Approach – Because they can be taken apart completely including the frame without tools all our drones fit in a 19″ x 14″ backpack and are very convenient to transport. Fully Autonomous – the drones can navigate themselves and “execute missions” that you create on a tablet using a free androin app. Robust and easy to repair – in case of a crash, or damage, you can easily replace any module without tools and continue flying.

Most reliable and safe drone in the market - we have better statistics of mean time between failure (MTBF) than any competition, Thus we give one year limited warranty - If you crash your drone - simply send the drone back to us and will fix everything for the price of the parts alone.

Key Features:

  • One minute deployment time, bag to air

  • 55+ minutes with no payload;

  • 1360g max payload capacity (3 lbs)

  • 700 mm frame size (motor to motor)

  • Default “simple” flight mode for easy orientation

  • 6 flight modes programmed to remote controller

  • Dedicated “Land” switch


  • 55+ minutes with no payload;

  • 50+ min.  with EAF (Easy Aerial Thermal + RGB Camera)

  • 45+ min. with GoPro 4

  • 35+ min. with Sony RX100 on a mapping gimbal

  • 30+ min. with Sony QX1 on a mapping gimbal

    • +5 more min with higher class battery and using non-foldable props


  • Autopilot: Pixhawk v2.4.5

  • Firmware: ArduCopter 3.2

  • GPS: 3DR uBlox GPS with Compass (LEA-6M module, 5 Hz update)

  • Telemetry radio: (915 mHz or 433 mHz)

  • Motors: 400 kV

  • Frame type: X

  • Propellers:

    • Default: 15 x 5.2 folding carbon props

    • Heavy Lift: 16 * 5.2 non-foldable carbon props

  • Battery: 6S lithium polymer (different kinds available for selection)

Easy Drone XL Pro Package includes:

  • Heavy-duty backpack with custom cut foam

  • Ready-to-fly Easy Drone quadcopter

  • Flight battery and charger (unless selected “no battery” during ordering process)

  • Quick snap-on camera adapter

  • Controller (remote)

  • Ground station radio – telemetry

  • Operation Manual and Flight Checklist

Recommended cameras:

  • Easy Arial Thermal/RGB camera (EAF)

  • Sony QX1 with a 20mm lens. Comes with a special trigger and a 7″ screen with built in receiver and battery for the screen. Separate FPV camera included

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  • Ex Tax: $1,995.00

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