Cargo Drones - these large diameter drones are used for serious lifting. There are different kinds of frame configurations that range in size from 1000mm to 1100mm. These drones will have 6,8 or 12 motors with 15/16 inch props depending on the configuration needed. Easy Aerial performance group will make the best possible match tailored to the customer demands. This frame is built from carbon fiber and aluminum and is extremely robust and durable. Three very important features of these drones are:  (1) Powerful processing on board for greater autonomy; (2) Reliable, redundant avionics; (3) All weather capable.

Most reliable and safe drone in the market - we have better statistics of mean time between failure (MTBF) than any competition, Thus we give one year limited warranty - If you crash your drone - simply send the drone back to us and will fix everything for the price of the parts alone

Key Features:

  • 50+ minutes with no payload;
  • 1000/1100 mm frame size (motor to motor)
  • Default “simple” flight mode for easy orientation
  • 6 flight modes programmed to remote controller
  • Dedicated “Land” switch


  • Autopilot: Pixhawk v2.4.5
  • Firmware: ArduCopter 3.2
  • GPS: 3DR uBlox GPS with Compass (LEA-6M module, 5 Hz update) - different option available to upgrade
  • Telemetry radio: (915 mHz or 433 mHz)
  • Motors: 400 kV
  • Propellers: 15/16 inch carbon folding props
  • Battery: 6S lithium polymer (different kinds available for selection)

EAGD Pro Package includes:

  • Heavy-duty backpack with custom cut foam
  • Ready-to-fly EAGD Pro drone
  • Flight battery and charger (unless selected “no battery” during ordering process)
  • Controller (remote)
  • Ground station radio – telemetry
  • Operation Manual and Flight Checklist

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  • Brand: Easy Aerial Inc.
  • Product Code: EA1000GD Pro; EA1100GD Pro
  • Availability: In Stock
  • $5,200.00

  • Ex Tax: $5,200.00

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